Highfield Tanning At Home will be providing a professional sunbed hire service across the Fylde Coast with our high standards in maintenance of our beds and cleanliness to give you the very best results and satisfaction when hiring a sunbed with us!

We now have a fleet of home hire sunbeds which include lie downs, vertical stand ups and canopy home hire beds.

Our motivation has always been to provide you with the very best in tanning and ensuring maximum safety when using sunbeds, this will still be replicated within Highfield Tanning At Home and when you hire a sunbed we will give you a full introduction on the sunbed when we deliver it to your home!

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elite canopy

Its stylish good looks, modern design and powerful performance leaves the traditional flat square looking beds on the production line. Its Curved Canopy helps get to those hard to reach side areas better than the old flat beds.

The 200W single canopy comes with a sturdy metal stand and four wheels. Ideal for placing the bed upright and pushing out of the way when not in use. The Stand is also adjustable to suit different bed heights. It can also be dismantled in less than a minute and stored away.

elite deluxe double

The Elite Double is The King of Double home tanning beds, elegantly designed and Manufactured taken into consideration the home hire market, This double elite bed has an ultra modern design, which combines stylish curves and several unique features to provide the ultimate home use lay down sunbed.


These 200W sunbeds are manufactured in Great Britain using only the highest quality materials consisting of 18 full length lamps and 4 facial lamps.

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The VT20 Elite is a 20 Tube 200W Home Use stand up tan Cabin, With its fantastic Design and Body Breeze cooling unit this is a great space saving addition to the home requiring minimal space for assembly, But with maximum tanning performance.
The VT20 design incorporates an all metal rigid construction with an hygienic white enamel finish. A host of unique features are included as standard to make the VT20 the ultimate domestic vertical tanning unit. The integral body breeze unit and fully hinged door ensure total surround full body tanning. The close proximity tanning area can be adjusted to suit the customer requirements

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  • Smoothes and reduces wrinkles

  • Promotes collagen production -creating a youthful looking skin

  • Increases circulation due to the increased formulation of new capillaries

  • Smoothes and reduces cellulite deposits

  • Improves the consistency of the skins coloration and complexion

  • Firms aged and tired skin

  • Delicately fades stretch marks